The Effect of Statin Use on In-Hospital Mortality in Covid-19 Patients




Covid-19, in-hospital mortality, statin


Objective: Our aim in this study was to determine whether statins with anti-inflammatory and antithrombotic properties reduce in-hospital mortality in Covid-19 patients.

Materials and Methods: 1752 patients hospitalized with the diagnosis of Covid-19 between September and December 2020 were retrospectively analyzed. The patients were grouped according to statin use and their characteristics were compared. The parameters associated with mortality were examined.

Results: For the patients, the median age was 64 years (53-74 interquartile range [IQR]), 804 (45.9%) were over the age of 65, 903 (51.5%) were male, 167 (9.5%) were using statins, and mortality developed in 381 (21.7%) of the patients. The multivariate logistic regression model was applied using statistically significant parameters in the univariate analysis of mortality development. The group using statins was included in the regression model because it was statistically borderline significant (p=0.052). According to this model; increased age (odds ratio (OR) =1.051, 95% confidence interval (CI) 1.039-1.063, p<0.001), male gender (OR=1.002, 95%CI 0.993-1.010, p=0.705), decrease in lymphocyte count (OR=0.452, 95%CI 0.337-0.607, p<0.001) increase in potassium level (OR=1.306, 95%CI 1.025-1.664, p=0.031), increase in aspartate transaminase (AST) level (OR=1.004, 95%CI 1.001-1.007, p=0.003), increase in D-dimer level (OR=1.000, 95%CI 1.000-1.000, p=0.011), increase in procalcitonin level (OR=1.027, 95%CI 1.000-1.053, p=0.046), increase in CRP level (OR=1.007, 95%CI 1.005-1.008, p<0.001), and the development of myocardial injury (OR=3.045, 95%CI 1.864-4.976, p<0.001) was found to be associated with increased mortality. Statin use (OR=1.221, 95% CI 0.759-1.966, p=0.410) was not associated with mortality.

Conclusion: According to our study, statin use was not associated with an increase or decrease in-hospital mortality in patients hospitalized with a diagnosis of Covid-19.


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